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During tough and isolating times, all we need to get back into the groove is one idea!

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We emphasise on DIY projects that you can do easily at home without emptying your pockets!

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We occasionally provide our perspective on current affairs or what can be done for a better future!

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Hobbies and passions of ours are engaged with, also involving you by asking you to share your favourite hobbies. So feel free to leave those suggestions down below.

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There is never been a better time to be self sustainable. Sustainable in a way means working with nature, as we recycle and reuse many scrap materials . We’re coming into a fantastic time for Environmental conservation.

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The World Test Championship

Photo by Patrick Case from Pexels If you are from the UK, Australia, the Indian Subcontinent, Southern Africa or the West Indies, then you probably know exactly what is happening in the above picture. However, if you are from America, you’re confused if this is baseball or not? If you’re from other parts of theContinue reading “The World Test Championship”

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A new website for thinkers and the inquisitive! First post coming soon. Be the first to sign up! Please SUBSCRIBE on Ausblick Economics website! Thanks for reading, hope … Coming Soon! Are you excited? Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy your scroll through the website! Autark Central

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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